Unusual images

All images on this page are licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 and taken by Daniel Gurney unless otherwise noted. Click/tap to open the full versions of the images.

Odd collection of items outside a museum

Plank on top of a chair with two rye bread discs, with two fluorescent lamps under the chair
A plank, rye bread on a chair and fluorescent tubes? What a great installation by an intentional or unintentional artist!
Location: Outside Päivälehden museo, Helsinki

Stoic trash

Public trash bin with a copy of Anneli Luhtala's 'On the origin of syntactical description in stoic logic' on top of it
Did a linguistics/philosophy student quit, or did they just misplace their cited work?
Location: Inside Mikonkatu 17B, Helsinki

Goose jam

Two adult and three baby geese walking down the street with cars behind them
Why did the goose cross the road?
Location: In front of restaurant Strindberg, Helsinki